3 Tips For Buying Commercial Furniture

When buying commercial furniture, it is no longer appropriate to simply purchase items because they are affordable and will look good in the available space. Today, it is important to consider the impact that new furniture will have on your clients and customers, as well as the message that certain types of furniture present. Before you commit to the purchase of any new office furniture, it is a good idea to be aware of the following information.

#1-Make Sure That The Furniture Is As Safe As Possible For Everyone Around It

You may have noticed before when getting new furniture that it often has a distinct smell. Unfortunately, for people with asthma, allergies or chemical sensitivities, that smell is dangerous. It often includes VOCs, which is short for volatile organic compounds. That strong smell can frequently result in headaches, dizziness and difficulty breathing. For people with asthma, it can cause severe asthma attacks.

Instead, it is a better option to make sure that any furniture you buy is free of VOCs. It will typically include that information at the time of sale or on the packaging for your items. 

#2-Be Sure That The Furniture Is Ergonomically Correct

Another factor to consider is the comfort level of each person that will be using the furniture, as that often reflects how ergonomically correct the furniture is. For example, chairs should be adjustable, both for height and the positioning of the back. That will allow a person's natural posture to be used and the keyboard can safely be maintained at the level often recommended by experts, which is one to two inches above thighs.  

In addition, desks should have enough space to be able to safely maintain the monitors at the approved distance. A good rule of thumb is that when seated, your fingers should be able to touch the screen of your monitor without stretching. Anything else can strain muscles unnecessarily, which eventually could become a serious problem. 

#3-Buy Furniture That Is Responsibly Sourced And Environmentally Safe

Unfortunately, your office decor can impact the way that you and your business are seen. Whether it is a luxurious couch for your office or tables for the conference room, it is essential to remember that your purchases make a statement to those who see them.

For instance, a leather couch, while attractive and comfortable, can offend many individuals because it came from a dead animal. A solid oak table means that a tree, that could have lived for many years, was cut down to make tables like yours. Instead, consider a sustainable material like bamboo for your tables and desks, as well as faux leather and other non-leather materials for your other furniture needs.  

In conclusion, commercial furniture is often a significant purchase and it is important to be sure that you have chosen the most appropriate options. By doing so, you can be sure that everyone who sees or uses your furniture knows it was responsibly sourced and that it is safe to be near.