Storing Your Oven? Four Ways To Make Sure It Emerges In Good Shape

Ovens can last for decades when properly cared for. So, if you're moving and don't need your oven in your new place, it's often worth sticking it in storage so that it's there in the future when you need it again. To ensure your oven remains functional after its time in storage, follow these tips to prepare and move it.

Clean it thoroughly.

If you put the oven into storage dirty, a few things can happen. First, the crumbs and food debris may attract rodents, who may eat away at the cords and gaskets, leading your oven useless. Second, the food remains may begin growing mold and bacteria, leading to serious odors.

Start by running your oven's self-cleaning cycle. Then, once the cleaning cycle is complete and the oven is cool, wipe the soot out of the bottom of the oven. Look for any lingering food remains on the door -- especially at the top where the oven closes -- and wipe it off with some dish detergent. Leave the oven open to dry completely before transporting it.

Transport it upright.

You should always transport an oven standing up. Lay it on its side, and the elements or gas lines inside of it may jostle loose. If you do not have the original box to transport the oven in (most owners do not), then cover it with some sheets or comforters to protect it from dings and dents as you put it into the moving truck.

Store it on a pallet.

You should not store the oven directly on your storage unit's floor. Even if the storage unit is in tip-top shape, there is a chance of liquid leaking in if there is a bad rainstorm or a plumbing leak somewhere in the building. Put a wooden pallet down on the floor and stack the oven on top of that pallet.

Set a few mouse traps.

Your storage unit may be completely clean, but you don't have control over what people put in the neighboring unit. If they leave any food remains in their storage unit, they may attract rodents -- and those rodents don't have to go far to find your storage unit and your oven. So, set up two or three mouse traps in your storage unit. These will stop mice in their tracks before they get a chance to nest in your oven.

With the proper attention to detail, your oven should stay in great shape while in storage.