Ready To Store Your Heirloom Furniture? 4 Steps To Keep It Safe In Storage

If it's time to redecorate your home, it might also be time to clean out some of the old furniture you've been using. However, it can be difficult to part with pieces that have been in the family for years – especially those heirloom pieces. Just because you're redecorating doesn't mean you need to part with those family heirlooms forever. Placing your heirloom furniture in storage is a good way to protect your treasures, while freeing up space in your home. If you're going to be placing wood furniture in storage, here are four steps you can take to prevent damage.

Empty it Out

Before you place your furniture in storage, you'll want to empty out all the drawers. Things like dirt, dust, and even crumbs can ruin your furniture. Not only that, but crumbs can attract pests, which can destroy the entire contents of your storage unit. To get your furniture ready for storage, empty the drawers, vacuum them thoroughly, and then wipe the interior of the drawers with a damp cloth. Leave the drawers open for several hours to allow them to dry properly.

Give the Wood a Good Cleaning

Once you've emptied the drawers, and cleaned them, you'll need to give the wood a thorough cleaning as well. First, use a soft cloth to dust the entire piece. Be sure to clean the intricate details in the wood – places where dirt and oils can collect. Next, apply a layer of wood wax to the entire surface of the piece. The wax will protect your wood against, drying, moisture, and mold – which can be a problem inside a storage unit. For maximum protection, it's a good idea to choose a climate controlled storage unit for your furniture. This will provide additional protection against, excessive drying, moisture, or mold.

Take Things Apart

If your furniture has pieces that can be removed, it's a good idea to remove them. Knobs that extend beyond the furniture should be removed, wrapped in a plastic bag, and placed in the drawers. If you have benches or desks, remove the legs, wrap them in bubble wrap, and place them in the drawers if possible. Not only will this protect your furniture, it will also give you additional room in the storage unit.

Cover Everything Up

Finally, once you have your furniture loaded into the storage unit, you should cover each item with a protective covering, such as blanket or furniture cover. This will prevent the accumulation of dirt, dust and oils while your furniture is in storage.

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