Looking To Bring In More High Society Events To Your Hotel Banquet Halls? Ideas For You

When you are the event manager and banquet manager for a hotel, your biggest challenge every day will be to bring in as many events and clients as possible. However, if you really want to up your hotel's income to increase as well as its overall image and impression, you may be looking to bring in more high society and luxurious events to your hotel. While coming up with this idea may be easy, executing it and making it actually happen is not. Get to know a few of the steps that you can and should take to start drawing in a different type of client to your hotel so you can begin implementing those changes as soon as possible.

Have Luxurious Table Settings to Demo for Customers

If a person is looking for a venue for their events and they are hoping that the location will provide them with a sophisticated and classy atmosphere for their event, you want to be able to demonstrate for them what you can do or provide. For high society fundraisers, weddings, and other events and parties, having nice table settings and sample settings to show your potential clients will help you to woo them and bring them in. You can also photograph these table settings and post the photographs on your website or create a portfolio using them.

For the luxurious table settings, it is best to go with neutral but expensive looking color palates. Silver table toppers, for example, are eye-catching and beautiful but will coordinate with a wide variety of floral colors and color schemes. Black, gold, silver, and bronze are good base colors to work with as they look chic and luxurious, but can also be a great base and palate for a more wild and creative designs that your clients may want to try.

Amp Up Your Catering Menu

When high society clients are looking at venues, they want to choose one that offers a wide array of services so they do not need to worry or do a great deal of work in hiring multiple services to create the best possible event. This means that you will need to amp up your catering menu for events.

Most hotels that have banquet halls offer standard catering fare such as roast beef, mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, steamed vegetables, and the like. However, high society clients will want something much more unique and memorable for their menus. You may want to hire a gourmet chef to amp up your menu and give it some new life.

Offer special tastings from the menu for those potential clients or offer the clients the option to request custom tastings. The more you make your food and options stand out from other venues, the more likely you will be to intrigue those clients that have more to spend on their events.

These ideas and tips will help you to start drawing in more high society events and clients and take your hotel to the next level.