Promotional Products To Help Drive Sales To Your Car Dealership

Promotional products offer a great way to help promote your brand, and if you operate a car dealership, there are lots of different options for promotional products you can use to entice new customers and reward your existing ones. Use this guide as inspiration and choose the promotional products that make the most sense for your dealership.

Custom Document Folders

When a customer buys or leases a car, there's a lot of paperwork involved. Give your customers a way to keep all of this paperwork organized by placing it in a custom document folder. The folder should have a message of thanks for their business, and it should also feature the name of your dealership prominently on both sides. Consider a second smaller folder to hold the owner's manual, title, and registration so your customers can keep all of this essential documentation in the glove box for easy access.

Car Care Kits

Reward potential car buyers with a custom car care kit when they take a test drive with you. This kit can include a tire pressure monitor, ice scraper, funnel, and license plate frame, all with your dealership name and logo on them. Place all of these car essentials in a gift bag with a thank-you note. When it's time to buy a car, these potential buyers will know how you went above and beyond to make them feel appreciated.

Trunk Organizers

Help your customers to keep their trunks or cargo spaces tidy with a free trunk organizer. You can choose from sturdy plastic or canvas bins with your dealership name on them for this promotional giveaway, and have the bins already placed in the cargo area when your customers take ownership of their vehicles. You can take this idea one step further by including customized grocery tote bags to make trips to the grocery store easy and convenient.

Key Chains, Pens, And Drink Tumblers

You can also provide promotional giveaways to potential customers who are just browsing. Stock up on key chains, pens, and drink tumblers you can give to every customer who walks into your dealership. This gives you a way to show your appreciation for their visit to your business, and the promotional products can help them to remember you when they are ready to buy. Consider purchasing custom stuffed animals with your dealership name on them as well, and pass them out to any children visiting with their parents.

With the right promotional products, you can help to set yourself apart from the competition. Consider these ideas, and come up with a few of your own to make your dealership the place people want to shop for a new car.