Keeping Your Rented Air Compressors In Good Shape

If you use air compressors periodically for construction work, you're likely to rent them as needed. It's important to treat these rental compressors well so that you can return them in good shape instead of damaging them and having to pay for repairs or replacement of certain parts. The information below will enable you to be more careful with the air compressors you rent for your work.

Read the Manual

Once you accept delivery of the air compressors, you may want to get right to work. However, it's smart to check out the manual for the equipment before you start. The manual will help you become more comfortable with the equipment and provide some suggestions about how to avoid and deal with problems that could arise. If the rental company doesn't have any manuals on hand for you to read, most manufacturers make them available on their company websites.

Check Filters

Many people who rent air compressors do so without thinking much about the regular maintenance tasks that they may need to do; they assume that the rental company handles all that. While the rental company is sure to give you air compressors in good condition, it's up to you to ensure that you're doing everything necessary to care for the pieces while you have them.

A concern to remain aware of is that the filters are likely to become dirty while you use the compressors. It's important that you check them regularly and have replacements in case you need them. Ask about the filters used so that you're sure to have the right kind.

Be Mindful of the Receiver Tank

The receiver tank that's attached to each compressor will fill up over time with moisture generated by the work you're doing. Some people ignore the tank until they're done working, but it's smart for you to empty the tank periodically before it becomes full. In fact, you should be emptying at the end of every work day whether it's full or not. That's because leaving water in the tank can encourage corrosion and rust. To avoid this kind of damage and end up paying additional costs when you turn in the equipment, ensure that you're keeping the receiver tank as dry as you can in spite of the work you're doing.

When you work with these suggestions in mind, you're likely to be more careful with the air compressors you rent. Talk more with the air compressor rental company, like Wirtz Rentals CO, about how you can work safely with their equipment.