Choosing The Best Tape For Your Shipping Needs

If your business is one that has invested in custom packaging, then you probably want to make sure that your boxes make it to your customers in good condition. This may mean using specialized packing tape to get things boxed up. Keep reading to learn about a few types of tape that may be ideal for your shipping needs.

Water Activated Tape

Most general use packing tapes are called pressure sensitive varieties and use adhesive that sticks as you run your hand over the tape. The adhesive used on these types of tapes can melt in the heat and the package can break apart under its own weight. If your packages are heavy ones and it you are shipping during the hottest times of the year, then something called water activated tape may be a much better option. 

This type of tape creates a much stronger and more stress resistant bond between the adhesive and the paper of the shipping box. In other words, it does not rely on direct pressure to seal them. The tape is sometimes called WAT tape and it can be activated, as the name implies, with water. Simply run a damp sponge over the tape once you secure it to the box and then allow the tape to dry for a few minutes.

Filament Tape

When adhesive is not your concern, but you want tape that is going to withstand wear, tear, and stress, then filament tape might be a good choice. Filament tape or strapping tape is tape that is constructed with fiberglass materials. You might recognize the tape based on the fine strings of material that run along the tape itself.

While many types of filament tape are narrow, since they are often used simply for reinforcement purposes, you can find wider varieties that allow you to secure the seams of your shipping boxes. The tape is usually white, so you should make sure that it matches with the color of your boxes, especially if you have invested in custom varieties. In this case, you should opt for heavy duty adhesive shipping tape. These tapes do come in an assortment of thickness so you can find one that offers the strength that you need.

Packing tapes with pressure sensitive adhesive are sometimes made with fiberglass reinforcement. They may not be as strong as the filament varieties, but they offer added protection above what general use tapes provide.

If you want to know more about choosing the best tape for your shipping needs, speak with your packaging professional, or click to read more.