Making A Good Impression On Your First Day

If you just landed your first temporary job ever, or your first job at a new staffing agency, then your first day is going to be the most important one. When you're a temp, often that's all you get to make a good impression. It's important not only to increase your chance of working longer at your temporary job or being hired permanently, but it increases the chance of you getting more assignments in the future. Here are some tips on making a good impression your first day:

Arrive on time:

While this may seem like basic and obvious advice, you may be surprised at how many people arrive late to their assignments. On the first day, especially, it's important that you arrive on time as it's the very first experience that your employer will have with you. Arriving late puts you at a disadvantage right from the start. Plan on arriving ten or fifteen minutes early just to compensate for unseen circumstances such as bad traffic or difficulties finding the place.

Be friendly:

Arrive with a smile on your face and greet everyone you can on your first day. Be social and get to know the people you are working with and try to introduce yourself to as many people as possible. However, don't be over-enthusiastic to the point where you are interrupting other people's work or conversations as that would be counterproductive. Keep a professional demeanor and don't get too personal or reveal too much about yourself right away.

Be prepared to do something a little different:

If you've had previous experience in the field you're temping in, don't expect that this job will be exactly the same as what you're used to doing. Most companies do things a little differently and some companies may even combine different jobs. For example, you may have had a receptionist job in the past and most of your duties revolved around answering phones and greeting people. Your new temporary job may have you do that as well, but also do data entry, word processing or even ordering supplies. You will likely need to learn different computer programs or office skills. Embrace this and think of it increase your skill set for the future.

When you are working on your first temporary assignment with a new staffing agency, then it's important that you make a great impression right from the beginning even if the job is only for one day. Not only does making a good impression increase your chances of working longer or being asked back, it also increases the chances that you will get more assignments. Contact your staffing agency to see what kinds of opportunities are available in your area.

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