Suggestions On Using Your Walk-In Tub To Help You Sleep Better

Having a walk-in tub installed in your home is valuable for a variety of different people. If you're someone who has mobility or pain issues, the presence of this tub can allow you to bathe in comfort. Such people may also have some degree of insomnia, perhaps related to their physical pain. For example, if you have a bad back, you might not be able to sleep with ease. The good news is that in addition to using your walk-in tub to bathe with greater ease, you can also use it to help you have a better sleep. A bath before bed can relax your body, but there are several specific ways that you can make the bathing experience even more relaxing. Here are some suggestions.

Use The Jets

Instead of just soaking in your walk-in tub, use some of the tub's jets to massage your body. The goal here isn't to create a chaotic environment in the water by putting all the jets on their highest setting. Instead, once you're comfortably sitting in the tub, engage the jets that will make certain body parts feel better. For back pain, the jets positioned immediately behind you will help. On a moderate setting, the pressure of the water from the jets will help to soothe your muscles and make your body feel more ready for sleep.

Enjoy Some Oil

Many people have found that the use of essential oils can have a calming effect, and this makes oils such as lavender useful to enjoy before bed. Instead of waiting until you're in bed and rubbing some oil on your skin and breathing deeply, buy a walk-in tub that has an aromatherapy system included. This will allow you to place oil or oil pellets in a dispenser, which will then release the oil into your tub as you soak — thus making the bathing experience even more relaxing to help you relax before bed.

Use The Lights

Instead of sitting in a brightly lit bathroom that may hinder your ability to relax, turn the overhead lights off and use the lights in the walk-in tub. Many tubs are equipped with relaxation lights — some even change color gradually throughout your bathing experience. Coupled with the relaxation that you're feeling from the water jets and the oil, the gentle lights can generate a spa-like atmosphere that can make you extremely relaxed. At the conclusion of your bath, you'll simple need to step out of the walk-in tub, dry off, and get into bed.

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