3 Creative Ways To Use Old Fabric Swatch Cards

Swatch cards play a critical role in allowing customers to select fabrics that are best suited to meet their decorating and wardrobe needs. When fabrics are no longer in production or new fabric lines are released, the old swatch cards can become obsolete.

Here are three creative ways that you can put your outdated apparel swatch cards to good use:

1. Make your correspondence more colorful.

One of the easiest ways to give old fabric swatch cards new life is to use these fabric samples as a liner for your envelopes. Recipients of your letters will enjoy the fun pop of color and texture swatch cards can provide when they open your envelope.

To complete this project you will need to locate an envelope template online. Print off the template and use it as a guide to cut out a piece of construction paper. Glue the fabric to one side of the construction paper, then fold the envelope according to the directions on the template. Personalizing your correspondence becomes simple when you rely on fabric swatches to line your envelopes.

2. Create a colorful wall map.

Maps can easily be incorporating into your existing home decor to make your living space more unique. If you are looking to create a colorful map to add to your wall, then fabric swatch cards could provide you with the building blocks needed to generate the map of your dreams.

Start by printing out a map whose size meets your needs. Cut out each state, county, or country, then use these individual pieces as templates to cut your fabric swatches. Once you have cut your fabric swatches, assemble them on a study backing to create a patchwork map that will add interest and flair to your home.

3. Add interest to your office supplies.

If you utilize clipboards to keep track of important papers, you know how boring these office supplies can be. Fabric swatches can easily be used to add some color and interest to your generic clipboards.

Just measure out the fabric swatches to fit the size of your clipboard, then attach the fabric to the clipboard's surface using a decoupage medium. You will end up with a colorful surface that adds beauty and whimsy to your office supplies in the future.

Finding ways to use outdated fabric swatches will help you give these obsolete items new life and prevent them from ending up in the trash.