5 Calming Gifts To Help Stressed Out Friends

Life can be rough, but sometimes a thoughtful gift from a friend can help when stress and worry threaten to overwhelm. 

1. Meditation Pillow: Meditation is a relaxing activity that can be performed anywhere—standing, sitting, or even lying down. A meditation pillow is a nice little extra for those who meditate while sitting cross-legged. The Mayo Clinic encourages meditation to help promote inner peace. 

2. Books on Finding Happiness: Rather than a nerve-wracking murder mystery, a stressed-out friend is sure to appreciate an inspirational book about happiness. It could be a collection of poetry, a self-help book, or even just inspirational quotes from famous people. As long as it offers encouragement, you are on the right track. Plus, if you pick out an inspirational book that you have read and enjoyed personally, it can make the gift that much more meaningful to the recipient. 

3. Scented Oils: While a candle is often a go-to gift, scented oils are gaining in popularity. Lavender and chamomile, while known for their use in calming teas, are often applied to the skin for a sense of calm and peace. Your gift could include roll-on applicators, incense sticks to burn, or even a wearable diffuser. 

4. Gift Pass to a Pilates Studio: While most people think of yoga for stress reduction, Pilates is another great exercise that can help bring about a sense of calm. While similar in nature, many people find Pilates just as relaxing, if not more relaxing, than yoga. Grab a gift pass to cover a few private sessions or, better yet, join your friend for moral support. If you want to add a more tangible item to a gift bag, add a pair of sticky socks—a must for any Pilates studio. 

5. Journal: Having a nice, leather-bound journal to write down your thoughts, feelings, or even memories can help a person work through a rough patch in their lives. The University of Rochester Medical Center even states that journaling is a great way to help with anxiety and stress. Be sure to include a nice pen or a set of fine-tipped markers with your gift.

Buying a gift for a stressed-out friend that is going through a difficult period in his or her life is not only a nice gesture, but it also reassures the friend that someone they know and love is looking out for their well-being, which is comforting.