The Main Benefit Of Retrofitting Your Old Signs With LED Lights

One of the major demands on your power when you run a business are all your signs. Your signs are lit-up throughout the day and night and cost you a lot of money each year to run. If you have old signs that are illuminated with neon or fluorescent lights, it is time to consider switching to LED lights. Retrofitting your signs with LED lights offer a wide range of benefits.

#1 Save on Your Energy Bill

One of the biggest benefits of switching to LED lights in your signs is that you are going to start seeing savings on your electric bill right away. LED lights use significantly less energy than other forms of lights often found in signs, and they can drastically cut down the energy demands your lights make on your electrical bill.

#2 Reduce Maintenance Costs

Next, using LED lights instead of other forms of lights can help you save on maintenance costs. LED lights have more burn hours than other forms of lights used in store signs. That means the light will burn longer, and you will have to change out the light bulb less often. Changing out the lightbulb in a store sign is not an easy task, and reducing how often this needs to take place can be another big cost savings.

#3 More Environmentally Friendly

LED lights are more environmentally friendly in many ways. Many older forms of lights used in signs, such as high-pressure sodium lights and metal halide lights, all used some form of mercury in the lights. LED lights do not use mercury at all, thus creating a more environmentally friendly light. LED lights are also environmentally friendly due to their long-lasting nature, which cuts down on the number of lights you need to use over time.

#4 Better Light Quality

Next, LED lights provide light at higher levels than some other options. This can provide you with a better quality of light. That means during the night, the front of your store will be better illuminated. This can create a safer environment for both customers and employees at your place of business.

If you have old signs that are using neon, metal halide, T-12, or high-pressure sodium lights, it is time to get your signs retrofitted and upgraded so you can use LED lights instead. With LED lights, you will notice an immediate reduction in your energy bill, and you will have to spend less money taking care of the lights in your signs over the long run. LED lights are also more environmentally friendly and produce a higher-quality level of light. Talk to your local sign company today about sign light retrofitting to accommodate new LED technology.