Nonprofit Video Production: Social And Sharable Content

If you're a nonprofit looking to generate buzz around your cause or fundraising campaign, few things can help generate the excitement you're looking for like video content. Here are some ways that video production companies help nonprofit organizations create video content to not only raise funds but also raise awareness.

Short and Sharable

Gone are the days when video played in static spaces. Today's social media platforms are designed to quickly share easily-consumable content with users.

  • Vignettes: rather than create a documentary about a single story, video production companies help tell many stories quickly. For instance, if your nonprofit is attempting to raise funds for Cause X, but need help from Source A, Source B, and Source C, a video production company can tell this story with short human-interest vignettes. Breaking what might have been a 16-minute video into four 4-minute videos allows you to start each vignette with a different audience. You nonprofit can also release these short vignettes over a given timeframe to get more new content over an extended time. Your nonprofit can also analyze the interactions that your audience has with each vignette to get a better understanding of how your message resonates with your social media followers and/or potential donors.
  • Synergy: in addition to creating short vignettes for your nonprofit, video production companies can create quick content to create synergy with current events and trends. For instance, if a story or hashtag becomes popular on social media or on the news, a video production company can create a video that can be linked to what your followers are likely already talking about and sharing online.

Original and Authentic

Because social media can make virtually anyone with a social media following into a media personality, audiences demand more original and authentic content than ever before.

  • Crowdsourced media: the images, video, and other content your nonprofit is looking for are probably available to you online. Video production companies can help you scour social media and other web sources to find original content that will resonate with your audience. For instance, you might get a video from multiple perspectives related to your cause. A video production company can also source audio content that hasn't been trademarked. Having songs or other audio clips that are royalty-free and authentically created can give your video content a boost to help it connect with your audiences. It's important, however, to work with video production companies who responsibly source their media. Be sure to look for reviews before you agree to work with a company.

To learn more, contact a company that offers nonprofit video production and see what they can do to help your cause.