3 Easy Ways To Take Care Of Your New Dental Implants

If you have invested in dental implants for your mouth, you want to protect that investment by taking proper care of your teeth. With the right information, it can be easy for you to take care of your new dental implants.

Easy Way #1: Buy a Soft Nylon Brush

First, you are going to want to change up the type of toothbrush that you use on your teeth. You are going to want to change to a soft bristle brush instead of a hard bristle brush. A hard bristle toothbrush can actually scratch the surface of your implants, which is why you should go with a soft nylon brush instead.

You want soft nylon brushes that are going to be both pliable and gentle on your implants. They will clean your teeth effectively without damaging them.

Easy Way #2: Keep up With Flossing

If you already floss, you just need to keep up with what you are doing. If you don't floss, you need to add another minute or two to your daily teeth caring routine in the morning and evening and floss your teeth.

You can use traditional floss, where you take a long string of floss, and move down the floss to clean your teeth. Or you can use a floss stick, where the floss is attached to a stick that you move around your mouth. This is a good option if you have limited dexterity.

If you don't like the traditional flavor of mint floss, there are tons of floss flavors that you can purchase instead, such as coconut floss or even a berry-flavored floss. Don't let the taste of floss turn you off from flossing.

Put some floss in your purse and in your car, so you always have it handy if something gets stuck in your teeth.

Easy #3: Stop Smoking and Drinking

It is going to take a while for your mouth to heal properly from the implant process. During that time, both smoking and drinking can impair the healing process, so you should try to abstain from smoking and drinking, which can both have an impact on your oral health.

Smoking and drinking happen directly in your mouth and can make it harder for your gums and jaw to fully heal from dental implant surgery. If you are a regular smoker or drinker, you may want to try to start cutting back before your dental implant surgery and talk to your regular doctor about getting help with reducing your consumption of these addictive substances.

If you want to take the best possible care of your new implants, start brushing with a soft nylon brush and floss every day. Stop smoking and drinking to help with the long-term healing process. See your dentist regularly for check-ups and cleanings.