Why It's Worth Using a Bail Bond to Get Released From Jail Early

Were you or a loved one arrested and being held in jail until your court hearing date? If so, you likely have the option to pay bail so that you can be released from jail early. Bail is designed to be used as collateral that the court holds onto to ensure that you return to court. If you do not return, they get to keep that money, and showing up for all court dates means that you get your money back in the end. 

If you do not have the money for bail, you'll need to seek out a bail bondsman to get the short-term loan you need. However, that bail bond is going to cost you a premium fee, which is typically a set percentage of the amount of money that you need. Here are some reasons why it's worth paying the fee to use a bail bond.

1. You Won't Lose Your Job

While a bail bond does cost money, know that you could lose a lot more money if being in jail results in losing your job. Missing several days of work will be difficult to explain to your employer, and it may be best to get out of jail as soon as possible so that you do not have any interruptions at work.

2. You Can Work On Your Case 

If you are being accused of a crime that is serious in nature, you are going to want to meet with lawyers and prepare for your case outside of jail. By being released on a bail bond, it allows you to meet with lawyers in person and deal with all of the work necessary to get you prepared for your court date.

3. You Can Be With Your Kids

Anyone that has kids may not want them knowing that you are in jail for any reason at all. Without a bail bond, you'll be forced to have that difficult conversation with them about why you were arrested and what crime you are being accused of. Early release on a bail bond can help you avoid these difficult conversations and resolve the arrest without them being aware of it. 

Does getting a bail bond sound like a good idea? Contact companies like Abel Bail Bonds to learn more about getting your bail bond. All they need is some basic information about where you are being held to get started.