Keys For Women Using Bioidentical Creams On Their Body

When hormones made in a laboratory setting act just like hormones that happen naturally in the body, they're known as bioidentical hormones. These ingredients can be put into creams to support low hormone levels. If you plan on using this type of beauty product, try to take these steps.

Have Hormone Levels Tested First

Before you start using a bioidentical cream on your body to balance out your hormone levels, it's smart to find out just how low your levels are. Then it will be easier to select a cream that has the right effects, making you a satisfied customer.

Head to your primary care physician or order a hormone-testing kit to find out where your hormone levels are at. You can then use this data to refine your cream search, ultimately helping you get better results that you can sustain without negative side effects.

Review Strength Levels

You'll find a lot of bioidentical creams designed for women in particular, which may target things like estrogen levels. These creams will have a particular strength that you need to consider before making a selection. The more strength a bioidentical cream has, the more hormones it's providing to your body.

The strength you end up needing typically comes down to how imbalanced your hormone levels are and the type of hormone problems you're dealing with. As a result, it's probably a good idea to talk to your doctor to see what strength level is appropriate for bioidentical body creams.

Use at the Right Times

Once you find the right bioidentical cream to put on your body to support hormone problems, you need to find out when to use this product. Being specific can help you get better results as receptor sites in your body will absorb the right amount of replacement hormones.

You may have to use these creams before you eat at a certain time in the day. You'll want to ask the bioidentical cream supplier about these suggested usage times if you don't see them in the description or on the box. Follow these protocols and you should be able to supply receptor sites with the right amount of replacement hormones when they're needed.

You can balance out your hormones by using bioidentical body creams for women. They are easy to apply and you have many strengths and formulas to choose from. Just make sure you're responsible when shopping and using these products. That's a surefire way of coming away with satisfactory results.