4 Outstanding Reasons To Rent Construction Equipment

A construction project demands different equipment and machinery, ranging from earthmoving and material handling equipment to tunneling and safety gear. Most of these, including earthmovers such as excavators and backhoe ladders and tunneling machinery like crawler excavators, are expensive to buy and maintain. That is one of the reasons most contractors and project stakeholders prefer renting construction equipment. More outstanding benefits of rental construction equipment are outlined in detail below.

1.       Avoid costly repairs and maintenance

Construction equipment, just like all other machines, is predisposed to malfunctions and wear and tear. For instance, heavy pieces of machinery like trucks and bulldozers often break down due to issues like faulty wiring and punctures. One way to cut the frequency of such problems is through maintenance. But when breakdowns happen, repairs are unavoidable. Professionals charge a considerable sum for repair and maintenance services. Fortunately, with weekly equipment rental services, your company is safe from the financial burden of owning and keeping construction equipment in excellent shape.

2.       Worry less about depreciation costs

Did you know that most heavy-duty construction machines lose their value fast? For instance, a typical excavator experiences 32% depreciation 1–3 years after purchase. And it doesn't stop there. Afterward, depreciation continues at a linear pace. If you want to be safe from the adverse effects of construction equipment depreciation, consider working with rentals. Besides, renting equipment also protects you from the outcomes of rising, and falling equipment prices brought about by market fluctuations.

3.       Get suitable equipment for specific projects

Major construction projects require special equipment for guaranteed cost efficiency, safety, and timely completion. That is why going with appropriate pieces of machinery is indispensable. To do that, you should conduct thorough investigations and consult with construction specialists and contractors. In addition, factor in the size of your project and job conditions. After you've done all that, the only thing left, which is of utmost importance, is choosing whether to buy or rent equipment. Keep in mind, construction equipment, especially heavy machinery, is considerably pricey. Therefore, rentals are more fitting if you work with a limited budget or prefer directing finances to other aspects of your project.

4.       Access to modern equipment and machines

Ever-increasing demand and changing preferences and requirements in the construction industry necessitate the evolution and improvement of different types of equipment. For instance, skyscrapers require a lot of materials; therefore, engineers have developed self-loading concrete mixers and power shovels that operate faster than human builders. Since more efficient construction equipment gets released regularly and the existing ones are often improved using technology, buying a piece of machinery limits you to using less-modern and optimized ones. To avoid that, work with construction equipment rental companies because they are always up to date with changes and improvements in the construction industry. 

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