Considerations You And Your Commercial Roofing Contractor Can Discuss When You Need A New Roof

There are a few types of commercial roofing, so when your building needs a new roof, talk to a commercial roofing contractor to understand the specific needs of your building and the right type of roofing to choose. Here's a look at a few things that the contractor considers when matching the best commercial roofing to your building.

The Type Of Business You Have 

Different businesses have different needs. Restaurants, for example, often have exhausts that can harm certain types of roofing. Commercial buildings in industrial areas might be exposed to acidic pollution that can cause certain roofing materials to age faster.

Warehouses need strong roofs that protect valuable inventory and that stand up to wind lift, especially if the building has a flat roof. A professional business might need a more attractive roof than a factory. With all the choices available in commercial roofing, you're sure to find a good match no matter what type of commercial building you own.

The Roof Slope

One of the most important things to consider is the slope of the roof on your building. If the roof has a mild slope, metal roofing might be appropriate. If the roof is flat, membrane or foam roofing might be chosen. If the roof has a steeper slope, then shingles or tiles might be a good choice, especially for a professional building or upscale shop.

Your Climate And Building Orientation

Your climate, typical weather conditions, and orientation of the building might matter too. If your building is exposed to frequent storms, the possibility of hurricanes, brutally cold winters, or heavy snow, could make a difference in the type of roofing your contractor will recommend.

The direction your roof faces might matter too since prevailing winds are often east to west. Plus, winds tend to damage the edges of roofing. In addition, the shape of your roof affects how wind behaves and where a lift is most likely to occur.

Durability And Lifespan

Most types of commercial roofing are quite durable and will last for years. You might want a side-by-side comparison of the upfront cost, maintenance costs, and lifespan of the types of roofing you're considering so you get the best value for your investment. Foot traffic, storms, UV exposure, and equipment on the roof can all cause damage over time. All types of commercial roofing will need regular checks and repairs.

A commercial roofing contractor is a good source of information and advice when you're ready for a new roof. They understand that a new roof is a large investment, so they want to help you make the right choice for your building and your finances.