3 Advantages Of Local Courier Delivery Services Over Traditional Mail

When you need to send items in your local area, you can rely on the traditional postal service, or you can look for alternative options. Consider an alternative option like courier delivery services. Courier delivery services have many advantages over traditional mail and will change the way you send items to others.

Learn how a personalized courier delivery can make a big difference in the way you send items around your local area. 

1. Delivery Hours

Your business may not operate on the same schedule as the postal service. When you want to mail items out, you have to wait for the mail service to arrive at your business or visit a post office yourself. When the post office closes in the early evening, you run out of options and must wait until the next day to send items.

With a courier delivery service, the courier works based on your schedule. If your business opens early in the morning, then you have the opportunity to hire a courier for early morning delivery. The hours can extend into the night as well. You will not have to put off items or worry about getting something delivered in time for closing.

2. Delivery on Holidays

Along with expanded hours daily, you have the opportunity to deliver items on almost every holiday. Even if you take off big holidays like the Fourth of July or Christmas, you may keep your business open for some of the smaller holidays. The postal service takes many national holidays off and could cause delays in your shipments.

A courier service often offers delivery on days when the postal service closes. This can ensure you have items delivered and you do not have to waste valuable work hours to deliver the items yourself. Some items may have to do with the holidays and a postal delay could take away from the timeliness.

3. Special Delivery Instructions

A postal service delivers for the masses while a courier provides more direct and personable care. With a courier, you have the opportunity for more personalized deliveries and instructions. For example, your delivery doesn't have to go directly to a mailbox. Instead, you could have the delivery brought to a front counter or a specific office.

You could leave a special note with the delivery or ask for an exact time of the delivery. For example, you may want to deliver a special dessert at someone's lunchtime. The exact instructions will ensure your delivery goes to where it's intended.

Contact courier delivery services to find out how they can help you deliver to the local area and achieve the delivery goals you seek.